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10 Uncomfortable Signs You Are Becoming a Better Person - You may be on the quest to become a better version of yourself, but sometimes it can feel like your growth is slow or nonexistent.

When you’re in the process of growing and improving, it’s not always easy to see the signs of progress, but that doesn’t mean nothing is changing.

Source: by Zac Durant

In this post, we talk about some of the signs that indicate that maybe, just maybe, things are improving and you’re on the right track to becoming a better person.

So let’s dive right in!

1. You’re Starting to Question Things

It can be scary to realize that some of the things you’ve believed in all along, might not be true. But sometimes it’s necessary in order to grow as an individual and even to help others along their paths.

When you start questioning things, you’re moving beyond the surface and beginning to see things for what they are, as opposed to what others want you to see. You think more critically instead of accepting things at face value.

You question why things are the way they are and whether or not they need to change; and if so, how? The more questions you ask in general, the easier it becomes to make informed decisions.

2. Your Perspective is Changing

It’s not always easy to see the change in yourself. We’re all used to thinking of ourselves as fixed beings with a set identity and set ways of doing things.

But when you start to notice that your perspective is changing, it’s actually an indication that you are growing and evolving.

If your perspective on something changes, it’s because you’ve been learning more about it and have a better understanding of it.

This process is one of the most important aspects of growth. It can be scary or uncomfortable at first, but those feelings are just part of the process.

3. You Are Starting to See Your Own Dark Side

We all have a dark side; that part of us that we try to hide from others and even ourselves. Sometimes it’s because we’re afraid of what people will think; other times, it’s because we are scared of what we might do if we let the darkness out.

But when you’re aware of your dark side and able to see its ugliness with understanding and compassion instead of judgment or fear, it can be truly liberating.

It means that no matter how bad things get, how much anger, sadness, or frustration builds up inside you, you don’t automatically act on those feelings or let them define who you are as a person.

4. You’re Less Judgemental of Others

We all have our opinions, and they are important to us. And of course, we have the right to those opinions, but what makes us human is that we can change our views when presented with new information.

That said, it’s easy to become defensive when someone disagrees with you. You feel like your opinion is being threatened or attacked, making it challenging to listen to and learn from that person.

But if you're able to be less judgemental of those who disagree with you, it’s a sign that you are becoming a better person.

It shows that you’re more open to and tolerant of other people’s opinions and beliefs, even if they contradict your own.

5. You Recognize Your Own Role in Past Conflicts

For most people, it can be hard to admit when they make mistakes, especially when those mistakes have caused other people pain. But it’s important to take responsibility for our actions, even if they were unintentional.

When you can see how your actions have hurt someone, or when you can look back at a situation and see that there was more than one side to it, it’s a clear sign that you are becoming a better person.

Recognizing your role in past conflicts helps you empathize with others and apologize sincerely. It also helps you learn how to avoid making those same mistakes again.

6. You No Longer Think You’re Better Than Everyone Else

It may seem like a strange thing to celebrate, but this is actually the beginning of some serious personal growth. This is because when we believe we are the best, we don’t give ourselves room to grow.

We don’t want to change or improve, we just want someone to prove us right. But once you realize that no one is perfect and that everyone has room for improvement, including you, you start focusing on your own growth instead of worrying about what others are doing.

7. When Someone Criticizes You, Your First Reaction Is to Look Within

Criticism is tough to take. Most people tend to get defensive or lash out when they are criticized. But sometimes, when we take a step back and consider the criticism, we realize that it was actually right on target.

If your first reaction is to look within yourself when someone criticizes you, it shows that you are growing as a person and you’re able to accept responsibility for your actions or choices.

8. Your Priorities Are Shifting

Your priorities can be a powerful indicator of where you’re headed. And if you find yourself focusing on different things than you did before, your priorities are definitely shifting.

You may have once been more focused on making money, for example, but now you’re more interested in spending time with family and friends.

Or maybe you used to live on fast food and party all the time, but now you’re more concerned about eating healthy and taking care of yourself.

It’s a sign that you are growing as a person; you’re setting new goals for yourself and identifying how to best spend your time and energy.

9 . You Tell the Truth, Even When It’s Difficult or Awkward

Sometimes, telling the truth is hard. We all have moments of weakness where we want to avoid telling someone something that might upset them.

It’s much easier to tell white lies to avoid hurting their feelings or making them feel bad about themselves.

And while that may work in some situations, there are other times when the only way forward requires you to be honest with yourself and others.

In the long run, telling the truth will make you a better person and help you forge strong relationships built on trust and honesty.

10. You Are Less Concerned with Being Right

When we’re in the middle of an argument, it can feel like the only thing that matters is whether or not our point of view is correct.

But if we’re all constantly trying to prove that we are right, then nobody wins. We all lose. Nobody learns anything new, and nobody grows or changes their mind or heart.

If you’re less concerned with being right and more concerned with doing what’s best for everyone involved, it’s a sign of maturity; a sign that you can see beyond yourself and are becoming a better person in the process.

It doesn’t matter what you started out with, where you’ve come from or where you are right now in life, just about everyone has the ability to become a better person. You just need to be okay with becoming a little uncomfortable along the way.

Thanks for reading!

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