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12 Things People With Money Never Worry About - Financial freedom is a goal a lot of us aspire to and would love to have. When you look at the lifestyle of the rich and famous, a lot of them seem to live in a world much different from the rest. That's why everything about them is unique.

The rich and wealthy, of course, live lives of  splendour wealth, vecations all over the world, luxury, exclusive - invite-only events and parties, yachts, the list could go on forever.

Source: by Allef Vinicius

In simple terms, there is no way, Billy, who works at Macdonalds and lives down the street, will ever live such a life. Perhaps in his dreams, in any case, the lives of the wealthy are fascinating, and in today's post, we'll be talking about some of the things people with money never worry about.

And by the end of this post, you'll get some handy tips that can help revamp your financial norms and beliefs. So, join me and let's dive into it.

1. How Much It Costs & The Price of Things

Many people consider money as an obstacle that needs to be tackled. Common folk associate money with stress and burden. The rich, on the other hand, don’t live with this mind-set

When it comes to purchases, they focus on the worth and longevity of an item, be it a good, service or even an experience.

You see, for the poor, it shouldn't come as a  surprise that this is a common mindset among them, after all the majority of the poor  sadly live from paycheck to paycheck, and the middle class aren’t that far behind.

But, the good news is, once we're able to scrap  such a primitive mindset, we'll be able to make more purchases based on value, which in the long run guarantees more productivity from our money.

2. The Lack of Money

If you had the luxury of having several streams of income, would you ever be worried about how much money you have left in your account? (Let me know with a comment down below)

For me, I wouldn't be bothered since I’d be sure  that even if one of my sources of income dips, I would have another one to shelter my needs. 

When asked about how much money they have, the likes of Warren Buffet and Elon Musk are never able to give a specific number. Why? Because they have so many streams of income that it feels like they’re swimming in money.

3. Working Harder = Rich! Is Wrong!

Who really ever wants to keep working a  tedious job for life? Would you? I sure wouldn't. Unfortunately, circumstances have forced us to waste our potential - working odd  jobs to keep the money coming. Meaning there is no single moment you can step away from your daily hustle and bustle.

The wealthy can’t stand having to work harder  to make more money, and this forces them to seek deep into their minds and devise ways in which their money could work for them.  

The goal is to enjoy the soft life, and there is no sense breaking you back, working day-after-day for all of your life and still can't enjoy financial freedom.

The good news is that, with the right insight, it's possible to make your cash work for you and, in the long run, build generational wealth  but only working smart can get you here, you can even ask Elon musk. I'm sure he'll tell you the exact same thing.

The goal friends, is to work smarter, not harder. And on that note. If you're enjoying  this post, learning something, or just want to be a nice person, I'd appreciate it a ton if you share this post.

4. Updating Social Media

Heard of the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen?”  No? then you’re either old or living under a rock. We live in an era where if you don’t post about an event or experience, it feels useless. 

What’s the point in going to a scenic holiday spot if you can’t post and brag about it on social media?  

This, if you ask me, is a burden many of us  common people live with. The rich understand how useless and time-consuming social media can be. It deters people from what really is important.

The folks who live in homes we can only dream of, have learned to live in the moment and divert their mental energy towards things that truly matter. At least, most of them have.

5. Risks of Injuries or Emergencies

The one thing that most people fail to put on  their budgets is extra funding in case of an emergency or injury. This, unfortunately, happens because they are living from hand to mouth, making it hard for them to decide day-to-day things such as "should I buy bread or pay rent?"’.

How would they be able to save for unforeseen circumstances? These are tough decisions that most poor people face and worry about, that the rich never need to worry about.

Since they've set up an emergency savings account that is topped up as often as they can. It gives the security of having a cushion in case of the loss of life of the breadwinner,  

or in the event of an accident. On top of that, they've secured their health by having medical insurance that covers them and their children, making life a little easier to live.

6. Trendy Clothes

It's almost funny to think that the favourite outfit in the richest man's closet isn't Gucci or Louboutin, but a pair of well-crafted jeans and a t-shirt, and basic shoes.

This is contradiction to our expectation of people with money who can afford to purchase the biggest brand names in fashion without denting their accounts.

This is because instead of viewing clothes as accessories, they appreciate the value of having something to cover their bodies.  

Without forgetting the impact fashion waste has on the world. They then will do anything within their power to protect the environment by purchasing quality clothes that will last them a long time, whether they are trendy or not.

7. What Others Have

It's often said that the thief of joy is comparison, so why put yourself through the torture of comparing how much you have to what other people have.

People with money never entertain such biased thoughts as they know the implications they have over their mindset. Instead, they'll focus on what is truly important, creating a life they'll love living.

8. Bills

The rich are lucky to have more than enough  to cater to their everyday needs, they, therefore, need not worry about the next bill. 

They take their time to carefully craft their finances to ensure that they have two or more backup income sources. 

Having multiple income streams is a must-have in the 21st century - as we can no longer rely on a traditional 9 to 5 or single job  to meet our needs for many years. Thus, let's us all try and follow in their footsteps of creating multiple income sources.

9. Purchasing Trends

Companies spend billions to create engaging adverts. Why? So that they can lure us and entice us into purchasing their products.

Many people unknowingly fall into the  marketing trap without even thinking for a second. If you're hoping to enjoy the beauty of life like the rich, then you'll have to get over the impulse of buying everything you come across.

The rich like their stuff simple and don't care about other people's opinions. Simplicity is key, and this is where most of us go wrong.

After today we all need to reinvent ourselves  and forget about the latest Gucci outfits or those Porsche brands, as long as it's something decent and presentable, I don't see the need of going overboard wearing an outfit worth thousands if not millions.

In the real sense, the rich don't spendthrift on expensive outfits, but instead, spend more on things with value not measured in terms of dollars or pounds.

10. Celebrities and Gossip

Just like how social media can turn into a time-consuming, brain-numbing, toxic habit. The same goes for celebrity gossip. If you find yourself getting too worked up over who is dating who and who dumped who, you might need to revaluate your priorities.

Any gossip is toxic, but especially when it’s about people who don’t even know you exist and are probably making $1000 for ever tweet made about them. The rich mind their business and focus on things that help their wealth grow.

11. Opinions

They are a couple of things that set the rich and the poor apart, and one of them is the fact that the rich are carefree. They don't give a second thought to what other people may think about them whatsoever. That's why they go into more risqué business even if they know for sure that the chances of them failing at it is 95%.

They trust that that 5% difference is all they need to make it work for them, and they go all in. Because of the self-belief they possess, things always turn out in their favour. So maybe it's high time we stop worrying about what others will say if we quit that dreadful high-paying job.

12. Getting Help

Life is as busy as can ever be, with people  working upwards of three jobs a day to make ends meet. That's why it's so comforting to be  able to afford help.

Help can include having a nanny who'll watch over your kids as you go  to work all day, or someone who can come by to clean.

Many people, unfortunately, don't have such choices as money is the biggest constraint that pushes humans to work like farm cattle  dragging around hoes like in the old days.

For the rich, life is absolutely different as their biggest concern isn't whether or not to hire help. But it's about what they shouldn't allow their help to do so that they can do that themselves.

They have nannies, gardeners, drivers, and chefs who serve them well to ensure that they can only focus on making money rather than all the other things ordinary Johns, Ashleys or Mikes have to worry about.

And having such services at their disposal has worked well for them, which leaves me wondering, isn't getting help a necessary evil/burden? What do you think? Let me know with a comment down below.

With that being said, thank you so much for reading. Until next time, have a great one!

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