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4 Tips for Managing Finances Ahead of Christmas and New Year - The end of the year is an exciting time for many people. At the end of the year, there are many fun activities to do, such as vacations to shopping using discount offers.

However, it is not uncommon for year-end activities to suck up a lot of money and drain savings. For this reason, so that the Christmas and New Year moments do not make finances 'break down', a number of things must be prepared.


Here are 4 tips for managing finances ahead of Christmas and New Year for a healthy pocket.

1. Make a Budget

So that money is not wasted, make a detailed record of what expenses arise during the Christmas and New Year holidays. For example, transportation costs for holidays out of town or abroad, lodging, food budget, entertainment, shopping, and others.

That way, you can allocate money according to the posts that have been made. You will be more careful in spending money, especially when shopping so as not to over budget.

2. Avoid Using Emergency Funds

Vacation is the most effective way of healing. But, don't let healing activities interfere with emergency funds. Keep in mind, emergency funds should only be used for very urgent needs. Meanwhile, a vacation is actually not an urgent need that can still be postponed if the savings are not sufficient.

3. Detail Every Expenditure

In addition to making a list of planned expenses, it would be better if you also record the money that has been spent. Make detailed notes of what you spent on, when, and how much so that you can monitor your available budget. This will help you save money during the Christmas and New Year holidays, or at least not exceed the specified budget.

4. Secure Money Carefully

To make it easier and safer when transacting anything, be it shopping, buying entertainment tickets, and so on, store money in a safe place. It's best to keep your money on just one digital platform to make it safer and easier to monitor. This will also prevent the risk of unwanted things happening. One simple way to avoid unwanted things is by utilizing digital wallet services. 

Okay, those are 4 tips for managing your finances ahead of Christmas and New Year holiday. Thanks for reading. See you until next time. 

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