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10 Signs Someone Has a Secret Crush On You - Sometimes, you can spend a lot of time trying to figure out the meaning behind someone’s actions. Perhaps a lot more time than you’d like to admit.

Did they mean to brush your arm with theirs when they sat next to you? And, why did they look at you like that?

It can be hard to tell when someone likes you more than just a friend, especially if they're trying to hide it.

Source: by Saeed Karimi

So, if you're suspicious that someone might be crushing on you, but not sure how to tell, then this post is for you!

There are several physical and psychological manifestations of romantic interest and you'll be able to spot them easily once you know what to look for.

Now, just one sign on its own may be coincidental; but if someone displays multiple signs, they could very well have a secret crush on you!

1. They Keep Looking at You

While making eye contact is a common courtesy in social situations, you may notice a difference when someone interested in you makes eye contact.

To find out whether they're just being courteous or if they have a crush on you, observe them in a group environment.

If they increase their attention toward you - or if they look at you more frequently, it could indicate that they like you.

They might also stare at you when they think you’re not paying attention and quickly look away when you catch them. These sneaky little glances strongly imply attraction as well.

2. They Change Their Body Language Around You

Body language is a fundamental aspect of communication and it can convey one's emotions. Watch to observe if this individual straightens their posture or fixes their hair or clothes when you're around.

Another good sign that a person likes you is if they face you directly when you engage with them, particularly if they're also pointing their feet toward you.

Other body language signs to pay attention to include leaning toward you when they're talking, mirroring your body language, removing physical barriers between you, and just trying to get physically closer to you.

3. They Get Anxious Around You

We not only tend to behave somewhat out of character when we're around a crush, but sometimes we can act straight-up awkward!

Due to the anxiety or excitement of being around a crush, a person's body may respond by fidgeting or becoming rather uncomfortable when speaking.

So, if you notice that someone gets nervous and fumbles while talking to you, or seems unable to wipe that grin off their face, they're likely into you!

They may also blush, play with their hair, or laugh uncontrollably for almost no apparent reason.

4. They Make Casual Physical Contact

Physical contact between platonic friends is commonly expressed through handshakes, fist bumps, high fives, and hugs.

But if you notice that someone consistently looks for opportunities to touch you while you are engaging with them, usually, it's a sign of attraction. Most of the time, these kinds of touches are disguised as accidents.

For instance, someone crushing on you may accidentally brush up against you or bump into your hand as you reach for something.

They may also playfully 'hit you’ when you make them laugh. While these are all seemingly innocent actions, consider it a sign of interest if you find that they occur often.

5. They Listen to You

While this sign alone does not suggest or confirm romantic interest, it holds true when combined with other indicators.

Whether this person notices all the trivial details, or recalls the big and small things you share with them, it shows that they're focused on what you're saying and that they are trying to form a connection with you.

If someone pays close attention to everything you say, this could imply that they are indeed very interested in you.

6. They Try to Communicate Frequently

When someone goes out of their way to start or extend conversations either in person, over the phone, or through text, it's another good indicator of interest.

If you find yourself chatting or texting with the person regularly, with them initiating the conversation the majority of the time, they could just be overly friendly; but it's also possible that they have a crush on you.

So pay attention to the frequency and time of your interactions. If they call or text pretty much daily and late into the night or early in the morning, they likely consider you more than just a friend.

7. They Want to Get Your Attention

Another indicator of a secret crush is that they strive to get and hold your attention without being overly obvious in their efforts to do so.

They might downplay their interest in you and try to get your attention in various subtle ways such as noticing your new haircut, remembering an important event in your life, or trying to cheer you up when you had a rough day.

Stuff like this may not seem like a big deal at the time but they’re actually very thoughtful in retrospect.

8. They Talk About You Often

When someone likes you, it's not uncommon for them to talk about you. And if you have mutual friends or colleagues, your secret admirer has likely shared their feelings about you. This generally comes in the form of compliments.

In fact, they could be doing this intentionally, hoping that their compliments are passed on to you. So keep your ears open!

9. They Actively Engage with Your Social Media Posts

If you're still trying to figure out whether that certain someone is interested in you or just being friendly, take notice of their social media activity.

If they're not overly active on these platforms in general but always the first to notice your stories, like your photos, or leave favorable comments on anything you post, there's a strong probability that they like you.

Since your social media can reveal a lot of information about you. It provides a window into your life.

And a person crushing on you will likely check these often to get to know you better and as a way to engage with you more.

10. They Get Jealous When Someone Else Flirts with You

This may not be noticeable at first, so look for subtle hints of jealousy when someone else flirts with you or when you flirt with other people.

Jealousy can be apparent in something as simple as a shift in body language or attitude. A secret crush may also try to dissuade you from flirting with others.

If they have a problem with others trying to be with you, there's a good chance that they are into you!

While there's no definitive way to know whether someone likes you more than just a friend without asking or them telling you directly, there are some specific physical and behavioral indicators that can help you gauge a potential underlying interest.

Just remember not to read too much into everything a person says or does as some of their actions may just be a reflection of their personality.

Nevertheless, recognizing when someone is attracted to you can help determine whether you should go for it and make a move, or if you should gently signal that you’re not interested romantically.

Thanks for reading!

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