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11 Simple Conversation Starters That Actually Work - Conversation starters can be hard to think of, especially around new people. But it is possible to talk to just about anyone if you have the right approach.

Thankfully, you don't have to be a social butterfly to have exciting exchanges as there are simple ways to spark up a dialogue and start chatting about many different things.

Source: by Cody Engel

So, let's discuss some conversation starters that you can start using right away!

1. Place

This is the easiest conversation starter. It allows you to engage according to your comfort level, and it's a good way to meet new people. All you have to do is find something relevant to your surroundings to discuss.

To use this opener, simply make a comment about where you are or ask the other person what brought them there.

For example, you can say something like, "This place is really nice. Have you been here before?”

If it’s an event or gathering, you can also use this approach as an excuse, to introduce yourself by asking how they know the host.

2. Food

Another good conversation starter is food. It’s certainly one that everyone can relate to, and it's a topic that can be used for any interaction whether you're meeting someone new or visiting a new place together.

For example, if you’re at a food fest or a restaurant, things like, "That looks good! What are you eating?" or "What dish do you recommend?" are easy conversation starters.

When you travel to a new place, you can ask about the local cuisine and find out what's good to eat there and where to get it.

When you meet someone with the same food preferences, you’ve instantly found something you both have in common. And from there, you can talk about favorite foods, restaurants, and even cooking fails!

3. Current Events

You can also start a conversation by talking about current events. This is a good option because it's easy to find something to chat about, and you'll both probably have an opinion on at least some of the topics that come up.

You can always go with the weather, but if you want to branch out, discussing the latest news stories or upcoming events in your area will help you connect on a personal level.

Things like, "Have you heard about the new exhibit at the museum?" or "Have you been to the new beach they just opened?" are effective conversation starters.

They can lead to some interesting discussions that will make you feel less awkward and more confident in social settings.

4. Vacations or Travel

Talking about vacations and travel is another easy entry point into a conversation. If someone has recently been on vacation, ask them about it!

You might find that the destination is one you've always dreamed of exploring, and you’ll get to hear some interesting stories about their trip. You can also talk about upcoming trips!

For example, you can ask, "Do you have any plans for the summer? Or "What are some places you plan to visit?"

It makes for fun and engaging conversation. You can bond over common destinations or swap recommendations and tips.

5. Hobbies

Hobbies are a great way to get to know someone. Most people love talking about their favorite activities, and you can learn a lot about someone by finding out what they enjoy doing in their free time.

You might even discover that there are some shared interests between the two of you, which can open up opportunities for future conversations or even become the basis for a friendship!

For example, if you just met someone and learn that you both share a passion for photography, you could bond by talking about your experiences with taking pictures or discussing the gear you use.

Even if you don't have any hobbies in common, it doesn't hurt to ask questions such as "Are you a part of any clubs?" or "What inspired you to get into this?" This is an easy way to get a conversation going.

6. Media

Music, movies, and television are all popular topics for conversation. There are many genres, so it's easy to find common ground. 

You can ask the other person if they've seen any good movies lately, or ask about their favorite TV shows. If you both like a particular band or artist, you can talk about that as well.

Discussing things like favorite bands or albums can effortlessly help keep the conversation going.

You could even use someone's physical resemblance to a celebrity as an icebreaker when meeting for the first time!

7. Home

Home is where the heart is, and it's an easy way to start a conversation with someone. You can chat about the country, city, or neighborhood they grew up in.

If you notice an accent or dialect, you can ask where they’re from, or ask them about the differences between their hometown and current city. You might be surprised by how much information you get in return!

Most people have strong feelings about their hometowns whether it’s good or bad. And it gives you something new to talk about, while providing perspective on each others’ countries, as well as thoughts on what makes them special places worth visiting.

8. Compliments

Compliments make people feel good, and for that very reason, they can be the perfect icebreaker!

One way you can compliment someone is by commenting on their outfit or appearance. It could be their hair style, a piece of jewellery, or their watch.

Or maybe the person has something else about them that stands out; perhaps it's their laugh or the color of their eyes. Those little details about people deserve attention too.

Another option is to compliment someone's work. If they're doing something that showcases their skills or talents, then give them some props!

The key here is to be sincere and to not go overboard. Stick with one or two well-placed compliments.

9. Technology

When it comes to strangers, say someone sitting next to you on an airplane or a long train ride, asking about their tech can be another excellent way to start a casual conversation. It's also a good way to learn more about someone's personality and interests.

If they have a brand of phone or tablet that’s different from yours, you could ask them about their experience with that device or particular operating system. You can also ask if they have any recommendations for reliable gadgets or apps.

10. Animals

Talking about animals can be a fun conversation starter since you won’t find too many people who don’t like them; animals can be goofy, funny and cute.

And learning about the types of animals a person likes and why they like them, is a great way to get insight into their personality.

If someone has a pet, they will likely be more than happy to share some stories about their furry companion.

And even if they don't have a pet, they probably won't mind having a light-hearted chat about their childhood dog or cat that led to some memorable moments.

11. Inconveniences

Who hasn't had the experience of bonding with someone over their shared frustration about something?

Whether it's waiting in line, traffic, or having to pay for unexpected repairs, life's little annoyances are a sure-fire way to get people talking!

Situations like these come up often enough that others understand what you mean when you complain about them.

These interactions offer an opportunity to find common ground while also building rapport by offering sympathy and validation.

Hopefully, this post has given you some good ideas for future interactions. Just remember that starting a conversation is only part of what makes it successful!

You also have to ensure that the other person feels comfortable and welcome in the discussion. This means listening actively, asking questions when appropriate, and avoiding controversial subjects like religion or politics until you've had a chance to get to know each other better.

Thanks for reading!

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