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12 Signs of a Low Value Woman - If you want to know how to spot a low-value woman and protect yourself from heartache and wasted energy, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we explore the traits and signs of such women and provide some tips on identifying them. This way, you can prevent getting involved in damaging and unproductive relationships.


Keep reading to learn more about a low-value woman’s typical behaviors and attitudes that should set your alarm bells off!

1. Extremely Needy and Jealous

A low-value woman constantly asks for your  attention and always wants to be around you. She’ll call you 20 times a day, send you 50 texts, and expect you to be there.

If she doesn’t hear back from you, she’ll lose her mind and start texting and calling even more, and then she’ll get mad at YOU for not responding. This is the type that won’t take NO for an answer.  

She always asks you to go places with her, even if they’re not places you really want to go, and she doesn’t like it when you hang out with other people.

2. Overly Concerned About Looks

A woman of low value is often overly concerned with how she looks and how others see her. She will spend hours in front of the mirror every day, and might easily fall into the trap of believing that a physical transformation is the only way to be attractive and desirable. 

This can lead to the unhealthy habit of  seeking out things like plastic surgeries, injections and fillers which usually results in an artificial look. 

This type of woman tends to be very shallow, and won’t be able to see past your appearance to notice anything else about you or your relationship.

3. Rude and Has No Manners

She’s the kind of person who immediately makes everyone feel uncomfortable when she enters a room. She has no tact and doesn’t care about who she offends with her words or actions. 

She’s loud, obnoxious, and often downright mean. This behavior is indicative of someone who doesn’t think too highly of herself and doesn’t think very highly of anyone else either.

4. Likes to Play Games

A low-value woman will play games with you and has no problem stringing you along and making you think she’s into you when really, she’s just trying to get what she wants out of the situation. 

For instance, she might say she has a boyfriend, but then she’ll flirt with you and make you think she wants to date. She’ll make you chase her, fake interest in your hobbies, and make you feel like your time together is precious; but it is just an act. 

This type of woman doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She just wants to use people and leave them behind when she’s done with them.

5. Frequently Bored

A low-value woman is generally unenthused about almost everything she does. She’s passive and often seems bored.

In fact, she’s bored when you talk to her, when you make plans, and even when you try to have fun. She’s the type who doesn’t have any hobbies, interests and activities to keep her occupied.

Also, she doesn’t like to be around interesting people, because she’s not interested in learning anything new or doing anything exciting.

6. Has Difficulty Managing Her Emotions

Low-value women tend to be emotionally  volatile. They’re easily offended and have an extremely short fuse when it comes to conflict.

When such a woman is upset, she can’t seem to find peace until she lets off some steam. And if you’re the one closest to her at the moment, then that means you’ll be the recipient of her rage.

Unfortunately, women who struggle with their emotions do not make good partners because they constantly bring drama into the relationship.

7. Constantly Seeks Attention and Approval

This type of woman always tries to be the  center of attention and looks for validation, even when it isn’t warranted. She wants people to notice her, so she may wear flashy clothes that draw attention.

Or she may try to impress people by bragging about her accomplishments or achievements. She wants you to know how great she is - and will do whatever it takes for you to see it too. 

And while this can be fun initially, it becomes  less and less attractive as time goes on. A woman like this wants to be liked and loved, but she doesn’t have much to offer.

8. Lazy and Materialistic

A low-value woman doesn’t want to get her hands dirty and usually doesn’t want to work for anything. She thinks she deserves to be treated like a princess, but she doesn’t bother to put in any effort to be deserving of that treatment.  

She just wants things given to her. This kind of woman won’t give a damn about your interests or passions; all she cares about is what you can buy for her. And likely, she won’t appreciate anything that doesn’t have a price tag on it.

9. Overly Controlling

A low-value woman always has to be in  control of every situation, and she won’t let you make any decisions on your own. She’ll try to control what you do, where you go, and even who your friends are. She may also try to set rules for how you should spend your money. 

If you’ve never experienced this kind of  behavior before, it might be hard to tell when it’s happening. It can look very innocent at first. She’s just trying to help, right? 

If she starts controlling every part of your life without letting up or giving you space to breathe, then she is definitely trying to  manipulate you into doing things her way.

10. Has A Bad Reputation

A low-value woman is one who tends to have a bad reputation. And while there can be several different reasons for this, the most common ones are associated with hurting others, having a history of being easy to get into bed with, and being a liar, thief, or cheat. 

If you're with someone who has a bad reputation, chances are that she'll end up hurting you too, in one way or another; whether it's physically, emotionally, financially… or all three.

11. Never Has Anything Nice to Say About Other Women

If she’s constantly putting other women down, ignoring their accomplishments, or laughing at them when they make a mistake, chances are good that she thinks she’s better than everyone else. 

This type of woman keeps tabs on all the  drama in her group of friends. She’s the one who knows what’s going on before anyone  else and can’t wait to tell you about it. She might even start a rumor or two herself just because it makes her feel more important.

12. Doesn’t Have a Plan for Her Life

Women who don’t really have a plan for their life are often low value. They have no direction and just float through life, hoping that something will come along and make things happen for them.

If you’re with a woman like this, watch out - because she’s not taking any responsibility for her life. Instead of owning her choices, she’ll blame external factors or other people.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the  woman you’re interested in is the right fit. Evaluating her based on the traits outlined here is a good starting point, but don’t forget to trust your intuition. If something feels off, it likely is. 

Pay attention to the red flags so you don’t waste your time and energy with a woman who won’t treat you right. If you’re looking for a meaningful relationship, you deserve to be with someone who will appreciate and respect you. Don’t settle for anything less.

Thanks for reading!

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