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10 Essential Online Photography Courses for Beginners - Photography is a fascinating art form that allows individuals to capture moments, tell stories, and express their creativity through visuals. Whether you're an aspiring photographer or simply a beginner looking to enhance your skills, online photography courses offer a convenient and accessible way to learn and improve your craft.


In this article, we present ten essential online photography courses that cater specifically to beginners, providing a solid foundation for your photographic journey.

1. "Introduction to Photography" by Udemy

Udemy's "Introduction to Photography" course is an excellent starting point for beginners. It covers the fundamentals of photography, including camera settings, composition techniques, and understanding light. The course offers practical exercises and comprehensive lessons to equip beginners with a strong knowledge base. You'll learn about different camera modes, how to control exposure, and basic composition principles to create visually appealing images.

2. "Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography" by Udemy

Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive overview, this course delves deeper into essential topics like exposure, white balance, and post-processing techniques. The instructor shares practical tips and tricks, enabling students to capture stunning images with any camera. The course also covers advanced composition techniques, portrait photography, and the use of different lenses, allowing beginners to expand their skills and creativity.

3. "Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR" by Coursera

This course is perfect for beginners who want to learn photography using both smartphones and DSLRs. It covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques, making it suitable for individuals transitioning from smartphone photography to more advanced equipment. The instructor explains concepts such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in a clear and concise manner, enabling learners to capture high-quality images with any device.

4. "Fundamentals of Photography" by CreativeLive

Taught by expert photographers, the "Fundamentals of Photography" course covers the technical and artistic aspects of photography. It provides beginners with a comprehensive understanding of the craft, from camera gear essentials to visual storytelling. The course explores different genres of photography, such as landscape, portrait, and street photography, giving beginners a well-rounded foundation to build upon.

5. "The Art of Photography" by RMIT University on FutureLearn

Delivered by RMIT University, this course explores photography as an art form and encourages students to develop their creative vision. It covers topics like composition, lighting, and editing, helping beginners express their unique perspective. The course also emphasizes the importance of visual storytelling and provides insights into the work of renowned photographers, inspiring students to explore their own artistic style.

6. "Getting Started with Photography" by Skillshare

"Getting Started with Photography" is a course designed for absolute beginners. It focuses on the fundamentals, including camera settings, lenses, and exposure. The instructor provides practical exercises and assignments to reinforce learning, allowing beginners to apply the concepts they've acquired. The course also offers guidance on post-processing techniques and tips for capturing different types of photography, such as landscapes, portraits, and still life.

7. "Digital Photography for Beginners with DSLR Cameras" by Alison

If you specifically want to learn about DSLR photography, this course by Alison is an excellent choice. It provides a comprehensive introduction to digital cameras and their functions, catering to beginners using DSLR equipment. From understanding camera modes to capturing compelling images, learners gain hands-on experience throughout the course. The instructor also covers topics like composition, exposure, and basic photo editing.

8. "Photography for Beginners" by Nikon School Online

Tailored for beginners using Nikon cameras, this course is a great option for those who want to maximize their Nikon gear's capabilities. It covers the basics of photography, including camera settings, exposure, and composition. The course includes practical demonstrations using Nikon equipment and explores different genres like landscape, portrait, and macro photography. Beginners will gain a better understanding of their Nikon cameras and learn techniques to capture stunning images.

9. "The Complete Photography Course 2019: 9 Courses in 1" by Udemy

For beginners seeking a wide range of photography knowledge, "The Complete Photography Course 2019: 9 Courses in 1" is an all-in-one option. It covers everything from basic camera settings to advanced editing techniques, offering a comprehensive learning experience. This course explores various genres, including landscape, portrait, wildlife, and street photography. It also includes modules on photo editing software, composition principles, and lighting techniques, providing learners with a diverse set of skills.

10. "Light and Exposure for Beginners" by KelbyOne

Understanding light and exposure is crucial for every photographer. The "Light and Exposure for Beginners" course by KelbyOne focuses specifically on these aspects. Beginners learn how to work with natural and artificial light, as well as various exposure techniques to achieve desired results. The instructor provides practical examples and insightful tips to help learners master light and exposure in their photography.


Embarking on a photography journey can be both exciting and challenging. Thankfully, these ten essential online photography courses for beginners offer valuable guidance, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to capture captivating images. Whether you prefer a comprehensive overview or a course specific to your camera brand, these courses provide a solid foundation upon which you can build your photography expertise. So, pick a course that aligns with your interests and start capturing the world through your lens!

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