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Anker SOLIX C1000 Full Review - What do you do during a power outage? Well, if you have a portable power station like this one, you can keep practically anything in your house powered up for hours, and go about your business like nothing went wrong. If you’re the outdoorsy type, a power station like this is also perfect for powering up your entire campsite - everything from phones and tablets to keep you entertained, to lights, fans, tools, appliances, anything you can think of.

Anker solix c1000

This is Anker’s new SOLIX C1000, and shoutout to Anker for sending this over a few weeks before the official launch to test out. It’s a fast-charging 1 kilowatt hour totally portable power station with enough plugs and ports to charge up more gadgets and gizmos than you could ever imagine. Believe me - I literally ran out of cables before I ran out of space to plug things in.

1. Ports

The SOLIX C1000 has 11 different ports to serve all your various charging and power needs. There’s 6 120V AC power ports front and center that you can use with both your big full size items and charging hubs if you want to juice up more of the small stuff.

There are 4 dedicated USB ports on the power station as well, two USB C and two USB A which can output the full charging capacity to whatever is plugged into them - more on that in a second.

There’s a car socket hidden underneath that rubber flap, and on the sides you’ve got multiple charging inputs for powering up the power station. Now I realize it might be difficult to imagine the power potential of this thing, so let me hit you with some examples.

2. Examples

For starters, if there were a power outage, I might want to at least occupy myself at my desk for a while, and the SOLIX C1000 can easily keep my entire setup powered on. I should first mention that the C1000 has an LED light bar across the front, so in total darkness I could absolutely use this to see where I’m going as I start to plug things in.

And everything you see here is plugged directly into the SOLIX C1000 which itself is running wirelesses. I have my Apple Studio Display plugged in, my hard drive, my speakers and even my standing desk just for the heck of it.

And honestly this power station is barely breaking a sweat. I could plug in a couple of lights, or a couple of phones, or if I needed to, an appliance or two like a microwave or toaster and it still wouldn’t be enough to max this thing out.

There’s a dedicated SurgePad port off to the right that has a bigger output and coverage for like 99% of appliances. Just for fun, I also plugged in nice different smartphones, obviously this power station could handle infinitely more but it’s cool to see each one of these phones juicing up via essentially a massive battery bank.

3. Anker Apps

To get the most out of the Solix C1000, you’ll want to download the Anker App which is available for iOS and Android. You can pair the C1000 to your phone either over WiFi, or over bluetooth if you do have a power outage or want to use it outdoors.

The app can show you basic information like the power station’s battery level and remaining usage time based on what you’re currently charging or powering. And you can also see the current output for every single port. So you know which devices are getting what wattage and the total output of the entire power station.

You can also turn on the LED light and the LED display from the app, and you can even set a timer to stop the AC ports from outputting power if you want to conserve energy.

The app is super helpful obviously, but the C1000 has its own little display there that shows you all that same info and its very obvious what your total power output is, what your battery percentage is at and how many more hours you it’ll last.

4. Outdoor Use

Now the Solix C1000 is definitely helpful indoors, but I think it really shines when you take it outside - whether it be for a casual picnic or a full-on weekend camping adventure. The power station itself is relatively portable, it’s about 26 pounds and with the side handles I can carry it around fairly easily but you might need a little help. It’s also really well built and fairly rugged, it’ll likely get dirty and dinged up over time but it can definitely handle that.

Anker also offers a 5 year warranty and 10-year lifespan guarantee so they definitely stand behind its durability. For remote use cases, there’s two ports in particular that I think are especially valuable: there’s a 600W solar input, so if you have a portable solar panel, you could charge up the C1000 in less than 2 hours from dead using just the sun which we get a lot of here in the desert.

And there’s also an expansion battery input - Anker is launching an extra battery add-on in December for this thing to boodle the power up to 2kwh. For my little outdoor setup here, I have a couple phones and a camera plugged in and charging, a fan, a light, you could also add a small refrigerator, coffee maker, electric grill or stove, and be good to go for hours on end.

When it’s time to actually re-charge the power station, the SOLIX C1000 can go from 0 to 100% charged via the standard wall outlet in 58 minutes. To do that, you’ll want to switch on UltraFast Charge mode via the Anker app, you’ll see the super fast charging speeds there, and this is awesome - it literally charges in front of your eyes, so if you forgot to plug in the night before or need it in an emergency situation you don’t have to wait long at all to get it powered up and ready to go.

The new Anker SOLIX C1000 really has infinite use cases when it comes to charging or powering up your devices. I personally appreciate its versatility, its 15% smaller than power stations with the same capacity so its relatively easy to take with you but it’s way more powerful than those pocket-sized power banks you likely would reach for during a power outage. And in an emergency, a longer than average power outage or a weekend away, it’s more than powerful enough to handle just about everything you’d need to stay entertained, comfortable or safe.

5. Conclusion

If you’re interested in grabbing a SOLIX C1000 for yourself or want to learn more about it, Anker is running a great early bird launch promotion from now until September 25th.

You can get the Solix C1000 for 25% off if you pre-order. Its full retail price by the way is $999 dollars which considering all the capabilities of this thing I actually think is a pretty solid price, but the pre-order deal bumps that down to $750 bucks which is an absolute steal.

And you’ll be entered to win a bunch of other Anker goodies like a power bank, MagFo or even either EverFrost Cooler.

But hopefully you guys did enjoy this post. Let me know what you’d use the Anker SOLIX C1000 for in the comments down below, super interested to hear what you’d power with it.

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