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New Apple iPhone 15 Review: Amazing Smartphone - Hey, it's and today we are checking out the brand new iPhone 15. We've got the Plus in green and the regular iPhone 15 in pink, which obviously we know that I'm excited about. Now, a lot of people are saying that this year's release was a little bit underwhelming and I actually think that this is probably Apple's most impressive base model release that they've had in a really long time. And here's why.

Apple iPhone 15

First of all, I think the actual physical design of this new iPhone is really under hyped. This new design with the rounded edges and the matte glass back completely changes the feel of the phone in your hand. It's a big departure from the sharp edges and glossy finish of the previous models which has a huge impact overall on the feel of this device. It feels super premium and with the new color infused glass it looks really amazing too. I can't remember the last time that a base model iPhone felt and looked this good.

And of course, one of the biggest and most anticipated changes to the iPhone's design is the move to USBC. This has been such a long time coming and to finally have this connectivity is really awesome. Being able to charge multiple Apple devices with a single cable is gonna make the whole experience so much more streamlined.

Now there is a difference between the regular iPhones and iPhone 15 Pros. The iPhone 15 just has USB 2.0 speeds and the Pros have USBC 3.0 speeds which is much faster for data transfer, which is something that we'll definitely be using in those pro phones because we can now shoot in ProRes log and some of those files can tend to be on the larger side so we'll be able to transfer them much quicker.

The iPhone 15 comes in two sizes with a 6.1 inch and 6.7 inch super retina XDR display with super durable ceramic shield glass. It comes in five colors, pink, yellow, green, blue and black, and they all look so nice. The colors are really subtle, but also vibrant at the same time, if that makes any sense. It's a little tough to describe, but I'm such a big fan. And obviously the pink finish is my favorite.

Now, along with the changes to the hardware design the I iPhone 15 has been upgraded with many Pro features of last year's Pro models. It now has the 48 megapixel main camera that we got with the iPhone 14 Pro. It shoots super high resolution photos and with that resolution you get three different optical quality zoom levels an ultra wide lens, regular lens, and a 2x lens that all produce photos with incredible detail. And all of these cameras are made better by sensor shift optical image stabilization.

The smooth zoom is also really nice. This allows you to get some super detailed zoom shots and you can zoom in very smoothly optically and digitally switching between the lenses. Something else that is a really cool option is they now have a HEIF Max photo option. So when you have this turned on, you have the ability to take the full 48 megapixel images, but it's not in that huge raw file size that you'll see on the pros. With this, for most people, they're gonna be super happy with the output.

Night mode, and portraits have new upgrades as well. So night mode will activate automatically in dark scenes and with a new high res camera, colors and detail come through so much better. Now this is true for portrait mode as well, and now after you've taken a portrait, you can tap into the image to change the focus from one subject to another. This is pretty awesome.

The iPhone 15 also now has Dynamic Island. Last year's base models were still rocking the old school notch at the top of the screen, but now all of the models get to enjoy this added functionality. Now if you're not already familiar with it, Dynamic Island takes what used to be just black cutout for the front camera and sensors and it uses that space to display alerts and live activities. So when you get a call or you order food, or things like that, you'll get these cool dynamic animations.

Something else I'm excited about is this new integration with iOS 17 called name drop. So you can bring your phones close together, just like this, and you can instantly share your contact information. Now I use Airdrop all the time, so I love that in iOS 17 Airdrop is now taking advantage of wifi and cellular. So if I'm airdropping a file and I happen to not be close to that phone anymore, as I venture off into the world, I can continue sending this through cellular or sending it through the internet when I get home to wifi.

Something else that's really fun is FaceTime voicemail. So if I don't answer a call, like this call from Tyler that's coming in and I decide to ignore it, you can actually leave me a voicemail video. I also really like the live voicemail transcription. I don't like talking on the phone really so I get a lot of voicemails, because everyone knows that I don't answer my phone. So this is cool because I can watch the voicemail text transcribe itself live and decide if it's actually important and I have to answer.

Now, powering all of this is of course Apple's A16 bionic chip and this is the same chip that we had in last year's pro models. So the iPhone 15 is getting a big performance upgrade. This is a six core CPU with two performance cores and four efficiency cores which is what creates all that power and performance while keeping great battery life. It also has a five core GPU and 16 core neural engine power and computational photography and graphics intensive activities like gaming.

So that's it for the iPhone 15s. This is a really fun review to do, because I'm really impressed with how incredible these phones are this year. And like I said, the design change and everything about them is pretty exciting.

So if you're looking to upgrade from an older phone and you don't think that the Pro is for you, I'm confident that the base model iPhone 15s are something that you're gonna be super hyped about. Thanks for reading our post. 

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